What is a real Smart Home ? It provides superior comfort, convenience, security and energy savings through intelligent control of lighting and electrical devices.

The idea of having a smart home is exciting, however it can be confusing to know where to start and what it all really means.

Our smart home solutions can provide intelligent and automated operation of lighting and electrical devices throughout your home.

This could be as simple as installing a single motion sensor, dimmer or timer. A smart home enhances everyday lifestyle and allows you to take control of your home electrical system to suit your needs and budget.



System does the thinking for you. Program our System to turn on your heated towel rails and air conditioning at preset times, or be activated by outside temperature to enjoy a perfectly heated house during cold winter mornings.

You can even program a 'relax' scene. At the press of a button your lights will dim, your favorite music will turn on and your air conditioning will set to the perfect temperature. This all works together to create a new level of comfort and the ultimate relaxation experience!



You'll love coming home more than ever! Simply press the 'welcome home' scene when you arrive our System does the rest.

The garage door will open, hallway and kitchen lights turn on, air conditioning sets to the perfect temperature and your favorite music plays through Multi-Room Audio.

When you leave the house, it's just as easy! Press the 'goodbye' scene to turn off everything and activate the security system.



Smart home technology also greatly improves the usability and functionality of any home.

You can have total control at your fingertips.

If it's powered by electricity, there's a good chance our system can control it through your mobile phone, tablet or dedicated console mounted to the wall in your house. You can also adjust basic house parameters or check surveillance cameras via secure Internet connection.



Our Home Control System can provide greater safety and complete peace of mind when integrated with your security system.

Whether you're at work or away on holiday, your smart home can alert you to what's going on with your security system, while periodically turning lights on and off to give the impression people are home.

Our System can also provide invaluable help in an emergency, turning on all the lights when smoke alarms are activated.


Energy Efficiency

With our Smart Home System, your home can be energy efficient, while also enhancing your lifestyle. With so many advanced features, our System cleverly operates lighting and electrical devices only when you want them to.

As a result, you can potentially reduce power consumption by preventing occurrences such as lighting and air conditioning being left on longer than necessary.

That's not just a smart home, that's an energy efficient smart home!