LED Lighting in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Increase the comfort of your life. Reduce energy bills. Meet unlimited possibilities of LED lighting design for house interior.

See how you can change your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom in an outstanding experience.

Living room

Suspended ceiling combined from LED strips and LED or halogen spots make your interior unique. Proper combination of LED lights might be used as both decorative and main light in any room.


Unique and practical light in your bathroom installed in the ceiling, under bathtub or in the wall in high quality aluminum profiles increase your comfort and relaxation after hard day in work.


High quality LED profiles under step stairs or LED spots in the wall will create an outstanding light illumination which can be used as decorative and low power night light. Additionally we can apply motion and day/night detectors, so you make sure the light appears in the right time.


We can make your bedroom exceptionally. Suspended ceiling, LED strips with a chosen color on your shelves or under the bed.


Effective, low energy LED light will change the look of your kitchen. We can integrate LED light into your kitchen furniture, install ambient light into the ceiling or spot LED light into the wall.

Stars on your ceiling and galaxy on your floor

With the fiber optic & LED technology we can install star effects on your ceiling or illuminations on your floor. You have a choice between different colors, size and illumination effects. Be brave! Your imagination is the limit.


LED lights in your wardrobes or drawers with automated switch or motion detector. LED mirrors in your bathroom.