Every client is special. We want to know your individual needs, interests and habits to prepare tailor-made solution.

Do you watch movies with your family or rather prefer to have a small room only for yourself ? How large is your movie library ? Do you want to stream all movies from a single cloud server ? What type of light you prefer ? What is your budget limit ? What are your time constraints ?

We have to know all answers to prepare the best and tailor made offer. Therefore we use a simple methodology to make our work fully transparent for all clients.


Detailed interview with every client

Transparency and communication is a success factor of every project. Every client has its individual needs and specific room and light conditions.

Our team will prepare a personalized project considering your individual needs, habits and expectations.

We can offer a wide range of technical solutions e.g. hiding screen in the ceiling, lifted beamer, combination of LCD TV and beamer screens, hidden speakers and drawers for you favorite movies.


Initial project and contract proposal

In this step we design a plan that fits your goals and budget. This includes giving you options about the final room design, audio-video equipment, used materials.


Additional visualization, acoustic modeling, light rendering

In case of complex project our team will prepare additional visualizations or perform additional measures to make sure every component will perfectly fit your room.


Installation and construction after final client approval

The real and hard work. The project phase is closed and our team will start construction phase. After every significant construction phase we'd need your approval.


Final amendments, testing & client acceptance

Turn on the lights!. Everything is set and ready for testing. We can adjust the angle and power of lights, we're ready to setup and test all hardware. You're the key part of this process.