Outstanding Home Cinema experience for a reasonable price.

Real cinema experience recreated in your home.

We offer an outstanding room design using LED lights, high-end screens and beamers and world beating sound systems.

Please contact us in order to discuss unlimited possibilities.

Individual concept and room design

Every client has it's individual needs and specific room and light conditions.

Our team will prepare a personalized project considering your individual needs, habits and expectations.

We can offer a wide range of technical solutions e.g. hiding screen in the ceiling, lifted beamer, combination of LCD TV and beamer screens, hidden speakers and drawers for you favorite movies.

Unique LED light experience

Ambient LED light or fiber light in the ceiling create an unique atmosphere in your home cinema room.

We can offer wide range of solutions adapted to your individual needs.

High-end vision & sound.

We can equip your home cinema room with top quality beamers, screens, amplifiers, speakers and media devices. We're working with the top level device providers like Emotiva, OPPO, Denon, JVC, Arcam and Sony.

For the perfect sound experience we can offer you speakers from Audionet, Ayon, B & W, Burmester, HGP, Infocus and many more...

Your own & unique cinema hall for affordable price

Do you have dedicated room for home cinema ? Perfect !

We can design and build the whole cinema room including acoustic modeling, room construction and muting panels, lighting design and installation, choice and installation of equipment and cinema furniture.