Exclusive electric switches designed by Fontini and Gira

Create unique atmosphere in your house. Exclusive series of electric switches made of porcelain, glass, precious metals, stainless steel or even gold or Swarovski crystals.

Please contact us in order to discuss unlimited possibilities to make your house unique and extraordinary.

Gira ClassiX

Beautifully finished range of Brass and Bronze with white, black, brass and bronze inlays.

The new ClassiX range from Gira designers takes traditional to a whole new level.

Fontini Venezia

Fontini classical and baroque design.

By its design, Venezia Metal Collection brings elegance & exclusivity to every home, every hotel, every project.

Fontini Colonial

Silver contacts with high breaking power. Manufactured with high quality porcelain.

Wood and porcelain frames, possible custom-made finishes with natural wood frames.

Fontini Dimbler

The alliance of brass & porcelain makes this product a real jewel.

It could perfectly adapt to new styles, from the avant-gardist to the more industrial for loft projects.

Gira E22

Gira E22 is available in the three materials stainless steel, aluminum
and thermoplastic

All versions fits perfectly the representative area

Fontini F37

Fontini presents its new F37 Collection of electrical mechanisms, inspired of minimalist & right lines and correct proportions.

Pure forms & noble materials. Wood, glass & metal

Fontini 1950

Classic mid-age collecion. Jewel beauty is the main value of these products.

Finishes: Nickel-plated, golden, antique bronze or cooper.

Gira Esprit Glass

The Gira Esprit switch range offers an unusually wide diversity of materials: glossy gold or chrome-gloss polished metal with a special surface sealant and anodized aluminum.